At Lleweni (says Mr Pennant, in his ‘Journey to Snowdon’) is the portrait of a Lady, exceedingly celebrated in this part of Wales; the famous Catherine Tudor, better known by the name of Catherine of Berain, from her seat in this neighbourhood. She was the daughter and heiress of Tudor ap Robert Fychan of Berain. Her first husband was John Salusbury; and, on his death, she gave her hand to Sir Richard Clough. The tradition goes, that, at the funeral of her beloved spouse John Salusbury, she was led to the church by Sir Richard, and from the church by Morris Wynne of Gwedir, who whispered to he his wish of being her second. She refused him with great civility, informing him, that, in her way to the church, she had accepted the proposals of Sir Richard; but assured him, that he might depend on being her third, in case she ever performed the same sad duty (which she was then about) to the Knight. She was as good as her word. As soon as she had composed this gentleman, to show that she had no superstition about the number three, she concluded with Edward Thelwall, of Plas y Ward, Esq.; departed this life August 27, and was interred at Llanivyd, on the 1st of September, 1591.
Her portrait is an excellent three-quarters on wood. I was told, that, in the locket she wore to her gold chain, was the hair of her second and favourite husband, Sir Richard.

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