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Lleweni Dairy School taken over by Flintshire County Council

Then as to instruction in butter and cheese making, five years ago a dairy school styled the Flintshire and Denbighshire Dairy School Company, Limited, was established at Lleweni Hall, the adjoining farm to this. It was started through a handsome gift of 300l. by Mr Ralli, and shares of 1l. each were taken up by influential gentlemen and tenant farmers, and it has been doing excellent work under the auspices of the North Wales College, Bangor, as one the branch schools, the others being at Bangor and Welshpool. Lleweni School is now being taken over by the Flintshire County Council, whilst the Denbighshire County Council have so far withheld their connexion with the school, although the terms offered them have been most favourable. Field experiments and instruction in other agricultural subjects are carried out by the college and are availed of to their fullest extent.

T W Bowdage, T. W. (5 September 1894) Royal Commission on Land in Wales and Monmouthshire: Minutes of Evidence, p.389

An Example For American Girls (Cutting from West Gippsland Gazette, Australia)

An Example For American Girls.

A number of lady students who have gained certificates at the dairy schools in connection with the University College, Bangor, Wales, have been appointed instructresses in dairy work in various parts of the country. Among these are Miss K. M. Armstrong, who gained the advanced certificate last season and the first prize of $25 in this examination, and has been appointed head instructress by the directors of the Anglesey and Caernarvonshire Dairy school; Miss M.E. Bibby, who holds the advanced certificate, has been appointed instructress in butter making under the Lincolnshire county council: Miss Gwyn Swift, who also holds the advanced certificate, has been appointed instructress in dairy work for the Berwickshire Agricultural association; Miss M.M. Christopherson is now the instructress in butter making for the Glasgow and West of Scotland Technical college, and is assisted by Miss Elizabeth Shirley, both of whom gained the advanced certificate in dairy work last season; Miss P. Coulthard has been appointed to act as instructress in buttermaking for the Wigtonshire county council ; Miss Annie Matthews, who acted as instructress to Miss M. E. Robberts at Lleweni Hall last season, has been appointed instructress in dairy work under the Essex county council: Miss M. A. Johnstone, who last year gained the advanced certificate in general dairy work, has again been appointed chief instructress in butter making at the Montgomneryshire dairy institute. Miss Catherine Hughes, who gained the ordinary certificate in butter makiug and cheese making, has been appointed to act as assistant at Lleweni Hall, Denbigh.

West Gippsland Gazette (Warragul, Vic. : 1898 – 1930), Tuesday 7 August 1900, Page 5


General Farming News (Cutting from Dominion, New Zealand)


A recent arrival in New Zealand from England, according to “The Dairyman” is Miss G. Nest Davies, a trainee of the Lleweni Dairy School, Denbighshire, Wales, and the holder of the National Diploma in Dairying. For the two years before leaving England Miss Davies was in charge of the cheese-making, milk-testing, and milk-bottling department at Wensleydale. Her experience includes: Two years pupil at Lleweni Hall Dairy School, Denbigh, North Wales; two years student at the British Dairy Institute and University College, Reading; and her qualifications include National Diploma in Dairying (N.D.D.), awarded conjointly by the Royal Agricultural Society of England and the Highlands and Agricultural Society of Scotland; certificate for proficiency in the theory, and practice of buttermaking and cheesemaking, awarded by the British Dairy Farmers’ Association; Advanced Certificate in General Dairying, awarded by the University College of North Wales, Bangor. Miss Davies was for two years assistant instructress at the Lleweni Hall Dairy School, Denbigh, North Wales; one year in charge of Lord Calthorpe’s dairy at Elvetham Park, Winchfield, Hampshire; two years tester and cheesemaker at the Wensleydale Pure Milk Society’s Dairy Northallerton, Yorkshire.

Dominion, Volume 4, Issue 1228, 9 September 1911, Page 8